Ashes Plots

Ashes Plots


A full size grave space in the traditional area of either Eashing or Nightingale Cemetery can accommodate up to six caskets of cremated remains. However, it should be noted that in most circumstances if a casket of cremated remains (ashes) has been buried in a full size grave then it is not normally possible to bury any more coffins (full body burials) in the same grave space. Therefore, if you think you will have a need to bury a coffin in the same grave space please discuss your requirements with the Cemetery Manager who will explain the available options.


Smaller plots are available in both Eashing and Nightingale Cemeteries which will accommodate two caskets of cremated remains.


If a child under the age of 12 years old has been buried in either Eashing or Nightingale Cemeteries, an additional two caskets of cremated remains (ashes) may be buried in the same plot.


A full size plot may be purchased in the Natural Burial area of Eashing Cemetery for the burial of up to four caskets of cremated remains. Grave spaces in the Naturl Burial area are either for the burial of a body (coffin) or the burial of cremated remains, unlike in the traditional area of the cemeteries, in the Natural Burial area cremated remains and a body cannot be buried in the same grave space.


Fees and charges associated with various options available for the interment of cremated remains are shown in the Fees & Charges section of this website.

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