The Garden of Remembrance at Eashing Cemetery is solely for the interment of cremated remains (ashes). It is not necessary to purchase space in advance as ashes are placed in the next available plot.

Interment in the Garden of Remembrance is a less expensive option than interment of cremated remains in a traditional grave space. However, unlike a traditional grave space, no exclusive right of burial is granted, this means that it is not possible for any future interment (burial) of cremated remains to take place in the same location, nor can a memorial of any description be placed at the exact location of the interment. However, it is possible to erect a memorial tablet on the wall in the Garden of Remembrance, although its location is not directly linked to the location of the ashes.

The fees and charges relating to the Garden of Remembrance are shown in the Fees & Charges section of this website.


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