Godalming Joint Burial Committee


Eashing & Nightingale Cemeteries are open for those visiting a grave, attending a funeral or who wish to enjoy the grounds.  However, no dogs (except service dogs) or any other recreational activities are allowed within the cemetery grounds.

Godalming Town Council is the burial authority for Godalming but exercises that power jointly with Busbridge Parish Council through the Godalming Joint Burial Committee. The Joint Burial Committee comprises of elected members from Godalming Town Council and Busbridge Parish Council. The Committee is responsible for burials which take place in the cemeteries, maintaining the cemeteries and cemetery buildings plus the upkeep of the cemetery records. 

Further details about the membership of the Joint Burial Committee together with details of its budget, accounts and payments made may be found by clicking here.

The agenda and minutes of the Joint Burial Committee meetings can be found on the agenda and minutes page of this website. 


Godalming Joint Burial Committee manages two cemeteries; Nightingale Cemetery located close to the town centre and Eashing Cemetery on the rural outskirts of the town. Traditional grave spaces, a Natural Burial Ground and a Garden of Remembrance are all available in Godalming. Although set out on traditional lines of consecrated and unconsecrated areas, the cemeteries are open to those of any faith or of no faith. Please use the links below to see which burial options are available at each cemetery. If you wish to speak to someone about the cemeteries call us at the offices of Godalming Town Council in Bridge Street, Godalming.


Nightingale Cemetery is an open cemetery.

Eashing Cemetery is open between 9.00am to 6.00pm.

Eashing Cemetery - View down main driveway
Nightingale Cemetery - View of the cemetery over railings