Mayor of Godalming Sponsors WW1 Commemorative Garden award

At the annual Go-Godalming, Godalming in Bloom prize giving ceremony held on Wednesday 20th July, the Mayor of Godalming, Councillor David Hunter, announced that he will be sponsoring a special one off award. The award will be made as part of the 2018 Godalming in Bloom competition, and will be given to the best display of a Commemoration garden for the 100th anniversary of the ending of the First World War. The award will be open to all categories of garden; large, small, patios, or hanging displays. The Mayor, Cllr Hunter, said there were many young men, boys and women who sacrificed their lives for the common good in that terrible war, including 281 individuals from Godalming. It is his hope that the gardeners of Godalming will be moved to mark this special anniversary. By announcing this award now, gardeners of all ages have been given two years to plan, set out and grow their commemorative garden. It is hoped that that as many people as possible enter for this award. Full details of the competition will be posted on the Godalming in Bloom website.

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