Safe Drive, Stay Alive 2020

Godalming Town Council has supported the Safe-Drive-Stay-Alive (SDSA) initiative for a number of years.  The Safe-Drive-Stay-Alive team usually delivers the message as part of a live performance, but this year this vital message is being delivered virtually.

The SDSA Team working with Surrey Fire & Rescue Service and emergency service partners have put together an education production which aims to raise road safety awareness amongst young people to provide positive influences to their driving attitudes and their role as passengers. Young drivers would normally be invited to watch the film as part of a shared experience. The content is emotionally challenging and is directly aimed at young people who are just starting on their driving career.  This powerful film targeting 17-19 year old road users is available to watch.  The SDSA team recommend that if you are a young driver you watch the film with the support of family, carers, or friend.

For more information on the Safe-Drive-Stay-Alive campaign

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