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This page tells you what to do if your organisation wishes to apply for a grant from Godalming Town Council.

Grants will be considered under four categories as follows:


Ongoing revenue support for organisations who provide a benefit to the residents of Godalming.  To apply under this category, please contact the Town Clerk to discuss either by calling 01483 523575 or emailing [email protected]


For organisations wishing to apply for one-off funding for a specific project.  These applications will be considered at the Policy & Management Committee on the dates detailed below.

To apply for a grant from Godalming Town Council organisations need to complete an application form. You can download an application form at the bottom of this section. When you have completed the application form return it along with the accompanying documents listed in the criteria below to:

Town Clerk
Godalming Town Council
107-109 High Street
Surrey GU7 1AQ

The closing dates for considering General Grants Fund applications for 2021/22 are as follows:

  • 14 January 2021 for the 28 January 2021 meeting
  • 10 June 2021 for the 24 June 2021 meeting
  • 23 December 2021 for the 22 January 2022 meeting


Minimum Criteria

(You must meet these criteria for your application to be considered)

  • Groups applying must provide the following with their application:
    a) Constitution or aims
    b) Copy of accounts (these will not be required for a new organisation)
    c) Copy of budget for current financial year
    d) Copy of last annual report to members (this will not be required for a newly formed organisation)
  • The group must have a bank account in the name of the group.
  • The grant must primarily benefit residents of Godalming.

Your application will be assessed on the degree to which it meets the following:

  • Applications should fit the Town Council’s vision and priorities;
  • The group must not have received any other grant funding from the Town Council for the project applied in the same financial year;
  • Priority will be given to those applications for which the grant will lever in/match other funds.

Grant Conditions:

  • Apply the grant to the purpose for which it was awarded.
  • Provide evidence to the Town Council within one year of the award of the grant detailing how the grant was spent.
  • Work with the Town Council to make opportunities to recognize the Council’s contribution to the project eg. by arranging an appropriate press release and photo opportunity with you and the Mayor of Godalming (we will provide copies of our logo for printed and digital media and we can provide a simple certificate for display if that would be appropriate).


Please click here to download a Grant Application Form


For projects put forward by Councillors that they feel will be of benefit to their local community, or which community groups and residents in their area have identified as being of benefit to that area.  Applications for grants under this category will be considered at the next available Policy & Management Committee after receipt by the Town Council office.

The Policy & Management Committee meets in public and you are welcome to attend the meeting to hear the committee discuss your grant application please contact the Town Clerk at the address above or on 01483 523575 or at [email protected] for details of how to attend a meeting.


Godalming Town Council established a Carbon Reduction & Biodiversity Fund in July 2019 in order to provide funding towards projects where a primary aim is to reduce CO2 emissions from households, organisations or individuals in Godalming and promote biodiversity. The fund is designed to support activities such as (but not limited to); practical work, feasibility studies/research projects, awareness raising or training.

The Council anticipates that projects which fit into one or more of the following themes to be eligible for this grant, though innovative schemes which further the aims of this grant, but do not fit within these categories are also welcome to apply.

  • Energy conservation and renewable energy,
  • Reduction in energy use in homes, businesses and elsewhere,
  • Low carbon transport,
  • Farming and food, particularly the production, sale and consumption of preferably organic locally sourced food
  • Community involvement in reducing CO2 emissions
  • The creation, restoration or enhancement of wildlife habitats

The primary criterion for carbon reduction applications to the fund is CO2 savings per pound spent. The carbon reduction grants are intended to help facilitate projects whose primary aim is to reduce CO2 emissions within Godalming parish. Although not required, applications who are able to provide a quantitative estimate of CO2 savings that result from their proposed activity will be favoured.

The primary criterion for biodiversity applications to the fund is biodiversity net gain.

The fund can endorse projects which enable applicants to leverage income from other sources or be the full and only sponsor of the project.

Applications will be considered the Town Council’s Environment & Planning Committee annually on a date to be announced soon.

Further information on this grant scheme can be found in the Carbon Reduction & Biodiversity Fund Application Guidance Notes.

Please use this Application Form when applying for a grant from the Carbon Reduction & Biodiversity Fund.