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Shirley moved to Godalming in 2000. She has put her roots down here and has lived in the same house since then.  She brought her daughter home from the Royal Surrey Hospital in 2002 and got married to David in the garden of the same house in 2003.

The financial events of 2008 made Shirley pay more attention to how the world works. She has campaigned for better education about the monetary system and was keen to understand how money could work better for people and the planet.

Shirley was elected as a Green Councillor in 2019 and it is the first time she has been a Councillor.  Shirley volunteers as a venue manager for ‘What Next?’ an Environmental Charity in Godalming; which will be the Mayor’s charity for her term of office. She leads a food project to help reduce carbon and a theatre project to raise awareness of the environment.

For her day job Shirley leads leadership development courses and specialises in a method called ‘The Thinking Environment.’ Shirley is passionate about gardening and cooking and playing the ukulele.

Find out about the current Godalming Town Mayor, past Mayors and how to invite the Mayor to your event.

You can find the programme of Mayoral engagements by clicking here.

The role and duty of the Deputy Mayor is to deputise, as required, for the Mayor.  When chairing Full Council the Deputy Mayor assumes the Mayor’s role and powers in relation to that meeting.

In undertaking engagements the Deputy Mayor’s role is to act as the Mayor’s representative.

Except for civic occasions and Full Council meetings, the Deputy Mayor has no role when the Mayor is present ie. if the Mayor attends an event as Mayor the Deputy Mayor may only attend the same function as a Councillor.  Except for the aforementioned occasions, the Deputy Mayor must not wear chains of office whenever the Mayor is present.

If you wish to invite the Mayor to your event please click here to complete a request form.

If you have a more specific enquiry regarding the Mayor please contact the Support Services Executive, Lynne Purnell.

Please Note

  • In speeches the Mayor of Godalming is referred to as ‘Town Mayor’.
  • The partner of the Mayor is known as the Town Mayor’s Consort, and may be a spouse, partner or other nominated person.
  • If formal photographs are taken at the event, a copy would be appreciated for the Mayor’s portfolio.
  • Please note the Mayor will normally wear the chain of office unless your event is informal and you specifically request “no chain of office”.

The Mayoralty in Godalming has a long history, below you can view the photographs/images (that we have) of Town Mayors going back to 1786.

List of Past Mayors of Godalming
List of Godalming’s Wardens