Memorials of an approved kind may be installed on a grave space within the Traditional Burial areas of Eashing and Nightingale Cemeteries. Memorial tablets can also be placed at the Chapel Garden of Remembrance in Eashing Cemetery and on the wall of the Old Garden of Remembrance.

Godalming Town Council has specific regulations relating to the design, size and materials that may be used for a memorial. It also requires a memorial mason’s workmanship and installation to meet the standards specified by the National Association of Memorial Masons. The regulations relating to memorials in Godalming Town Council’s cemeteries are detailed in the cemetery regulations. It should be noted that memorials in Nightingale Cemetery are limited in the type of material that may be used.

Headstones, tablets or similar memorials are not permitted in the Natural Burial Area, please read the Natural Burial Area section for guidance on what is permitted within this area.

A memorial mason must first apply to Godalming Town Council for an authority to erect a new memorial, add an additional inscription or conduct any repairs or restoration work to an existing memorial.

Please click here to download a Memorial Application Form.

Although most masons who trade on the internet are perfectly respectable and use the internet as an additional sales and marketing tool, please be very careful if you are ordering a memorial on the internet that the mason can meet the requirements of the cemetery regulations relating to memorials. An authority for work must be applied for and approved by Godalming Town Council before access will be allowed to install a memorial or conduct any work associated with a memorial; unauthorised memorials will be removed from the cemetery.

Nightingale Cemetery – The Grave of Julius Caesar
Eashing Cemetery – Memorial
Nightingale Cemetery – Ornate Headestone
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