Nightingale Cemetery and Eashing Cemetery both have traditional burial areas which allow for either full body interments or the interment of cremated remains (ashes).

Differing size grave spaces are available at both cemeteries ranging from a full size plot of 9ft x 4ft* through to a child’s plot (under 12 years old) to ashes plots which are 2ft x 2ft plots for cremated remains (ashes).

A full size plot can accommodate up to 2 coffins and 6 caskets of cremated remains (interment of a body cannot take place once an interment of cremated remains (ashes) has taken place). An ashes plot can accommodate 2 caskets of cremated remains. A child’s plot allows for a single interment of a child under 12 years of age, 2 caskets of cremated remains (ashes) may also be interred in a child’s plot after the burial of a child.

In addition to the purchase fee of a grave space (which can be purchased in advance), an interment fee is payable at the time of a burial, as is the gravedigger’s fee. The costs of each option are explained in the Fees and Charges section.

*sizes are given in imperial measurements as this was the unit of measurement used when the cemetery was originally laid out.


The traditional burial area of Eashing Cemetery is divided into consecrated and unconsecrated sections. The consecrated ground is on the left hand side of the driveway as you enter the cemetery with the unconsecrated area being on the right hand side of the driveway.

The consecrated section is traditionally used by the Anglican community, whereas the unconsecrated area is used by other faith groups, non-conformists and those of no faith.


In 2019 a section Eashing Cemetery was designated for the exclusive use of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Association (AMA).  Only members of the AMA community maybe buried in this area.

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