Eashing Cemetery’s Natural Burial area has been designated for ‘Green Burials’ and has been developed using native trees and plants.  The Natural Burial area provides a living memorial in an area in which wild life and wild flowers flourish, as such, with the exception of a wooden marker plaque with a carved name, man made memorials or artifacts are not permitted in this section of the cemetery.

Natural burial plots are 2.7 x 1.2 metres (9ft x 4ft) and are available for either the burial of a single coffin or 4 caskets of cremated remains. The interment of a body is to a depth of 1.8 metres (6ft) which is the depth required for a single coffin. Double depth grave spaces are not allowed in the natural burial area as to bury deeper than 1.8 metres increases the time required and ability of materials to biodegrade, also a second burial would disturb the planting established following the first burial.


Eashing Cemetery - Natural Burial Area
Eashing Cemetery - Memorial Urn
Eashing Cemetery - Rewilding Area


Individuals contemplating a ‘Green Burial’ in the Natural Burial area should consider the following points when reaching their decision:

  • All burial containers; coffins, caskets, or shrouds are to be biodegradable – e.g. natural fibre, wicker, cardboard, willow, bamboo or wood from a sustainable source.
  • The treatment and preservation of a body is discouraged, the cemetery would normally only need 48 hours notice, every effort would be made if a reduced timescale is needed.
  • No memorials, flower tributes, or objects are allowed on graves in the Natural Burial area. An area will be reserved for temporary flower tributes following a funeral.
  • Only a wooden marker plaque laid flat on the grave may be used.
  • Burial clothing, personal effects, and all other items left in the coffin should be biodegradable. Therefore, items such as spectacles, mobile phones, synthetic shoes, and clothing are not permitted. Personal jewellery such as signet, engagement, and wedding rings are allowed.
  • Newly-dug graves will be top-filled and seeded or planted once they have settled about 3 months after the burial.
  • There is an option to have an associated tree sapling (of native plants such as hawthorn, birch, hazel, mountain ash) planted within the Natural Burial area, but not necessarily on or next to the grave.  Within reason, a choice of location will be given for the tree/sapling.
  • A bird box may be dedicated to an individual and located within the Natural Burial area.
  • The Godalming Joint Burial Staff or its contractors will undertake all planting.
Eashing Cemetery View of the Chapel from the Natural Burial Area
Eashing Cemetery - Rewilding Area


If you are interested in the Natural Burial area or would like further information please contact us by using the contact form below or by calling 01483 523575.  The costs and fees relating to the Natural Burial area are shown on the Fees & Charges page of this website.

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