Following a death, there are many individuals, organisations and companies that the person responsible for managing the deceased’s affairs may have to contact.  Listed below are some of those that may have to be contacted, not all those listed will necessarily apply in all circumstances.

  • Funeral Director
  • Solicitor
  • Religious/Faith leader (Priest/Vicar etc)
  • Registrar of Births, Marriages & Ceremonies
  • GP
  • Coroner
  • Probate Office
  • Deceased’s employers
  • Bank
  • Insurance Companies
  • Building Society
  • Accountant
  • Inland Revenue (HMRC)
  • Post Office Savings
  • Shares/Investments
  • Department for Work & Pensions (DWP) (form BD8 certificate required from Registrar)
  • Return pension and benefit books
  • Private pension providers
  • Hospital/day centre (cancel appointments)
  • Dentist/Opticians (cancel appointments)
  • Return medical appliances/wheelchairs etc. on loan
  • Return cancel rented equipment
  • Passport (cancel)
  • Car insurance (cancel)
  • Driving licence/change ownership on car registration document
  • SORN vehicle if required
  • Subscriptions (clubs, organisations, magazines, broadband, TV etc)
  • Police (security of empty property)
  • Council/housing association/private landlord if rented accommodation
  • Estate agents for valuation or sale of property
  • House clearance agent/auctioneers
  • Utilities – water, gas, electric, telephone etc.
  • Milkman, Newsagents etc
  • Meals on Wheels/Home Help
  • Benefits Office
  • Council Tax
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