Godalming Town Council meets as a body approximately six times a year.  A “civic” year usually runs from early May and the first meeting of the Town Council in the year is called Annual Council and/or Mayor Making. The other five meetings are known as Full Council. Generally, the Council delegates its decision-making to its Committees, although there are some things such as setting the precept (the Town Council’s part of Council Tax) that it cannot lawfully delegate, and at most Council meetings the reports and minutes of all Committee meetings held since the last Council meeting are received. Full Council meetings are very formal and Godalming Town Council maintains an old tradition of robing for all Council meetings.


See our calendar for the dates of Council and Committee meetings.


Agendas for Council and Committee meetings are published three working days before the meeting takes place. Minutes are published in draft as soon as possible after the meeting (and at the latest three working days before the next meeting of the Council or the Committee) and approved at the next meeting of the Council/Committee. All minutes are received by the subsequent Full Council meeting. Agendas and minutes can be seen online or inspected at Godalming Town Council’s offices. Reports and minutes about items which are confidential and discussed in confidential session are not available.

See agendas and minutes for Council meetings.

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